T4 Ultraslim - 10W 396mm (Was £10.83 Now £4.15)

£4.15 ex VAT
Product Code: LUT40010
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Each T4 (tube diameter 4/8 inch) fitting comes with triphosphor tube, 2m power lead, fixing brackets & screws. They are 20mm wide and 42mm high. The spare tubes may vary in length by 1mm.

Note: Although T4 tubes may be the only diameter tube where manufacturers have their own unique length and wattage, and spare tubes are not available in major lamp brands, they do have a higher wattage in proportion to their length than T5 and the fittings are generally lower priced.

Voltage 240V
Wattage 10W
Cable Length 2 Mtr
Size 396mmL x 20mm W x 42mm H
Replacement Lamp Code LLT40340
Diffuser Code LDT40396


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