Square Plinth/Deck Light Kits - Blue

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Product Code: LPL00600BL
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5 Light Kit - Blue LPL00600BL.05
£69.50 ex VAT
6 Light Kit - Blue LPL00600BL.06
£81.17 ex VAT
7 Light Kit - Blue LPL00600BL.07
£92.83 ex VAT
8 Light Kit - Blue LPL00600BL.08
£104.50 ex VAT
9 Light Kit - Blue LPL00600BL.09
£116.17 ex VAT
10 Light Kit - Blue LPL00600BL.10
£127.83 ex VAT
11 Light Kit - Blue LPL00600BL.11
£139.50 ex VAT
12 Light Kit - Blue LPL00600BL.12
£151.17 ex VAT
13 Light Kit - Blue LPL00600BL.13
£162.83 ex VAT
14 Light Kit - Blue LPL00600BL.14
£174.50 ex VAT
15 Light Kit - Blue LPL00600BL.15
£186.17 ex VAT
Total: £0.00 ex VAT

These fittings are specially designed to be installed into a kitchen plinth. They offer low level LED Lighting which is cool to touch as it would be accessible for small children to reach.

Aluminium Finish Plastic Square Cover.

IP65 Rated.

Voltage 12V
Wattage 0.5W PF
Cable Length 2 Mtr PF
Colour White
IP Rating IP65
Size 40mm W x 40mm L x 50mm D
Cut Hole 34mm

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