Recessed HP Mini Light - Cool White

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Product Code: LHP12010SIWH
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Light Only - Cool White LHP12010SIWH
£19.17 ex VAT
1 Light Kit - Cool White LHP12010SIWH.01
£39.09 ex VAT
2 Light Kit - Cool White LHP12010SIWH.02
£58.26 ex VAT
3 Light Kit - Cool White LHP12010SIWH.03
£77.43 ex VAT
4 Light Kit - Cool White LHP12010SIWH.04
£96.60 ex VAT
5 Light Kit - Cool White LHP12010SIWH.05
£115.77 ex VAT
6 Light Kit - Cool White LHP12010SIWH.06
£134.94 ex VAT
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This is a tiny fitting at 30mm Diameter which gives a lot of light for its size. Excellent for any decorative lighting purpose.

The High Power, 1w series LED light produces approximately the same amount of light as you would expect from a 10W halogen lamp, but using a tenth of the power.

High Power LED.

Silver Finish.

Use with Servies Driver Only.

Wattage 1W
Cable Length 1.5 Mtr
Size 30mm Dia x 10mm D
Cut Hole 25mm Dia
Plug Type AMP
Driver LDS35066

Concealed Door Straighteners

Fully conceal the straightener bar by morticing it into the door, cover it with a cap then veneer over it to give a seemless finish.