MOVENTO Runner Tip-On Blumotion Compatible 60Kg

From £2.54 ex VAT
Product Code: 766H0000S
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MOVENTO 60Kg 450mm 766H4500S
£26.05 ex VAT
MOVENTO 60Kg 500mm 766H5000S
£26.29 ex VAT
MOVENTO 60Kg 550mm 766H5500S
£27.58 ex VAT
MOVENTO 60Kg 600mm 766H6000S
£30.17 ex VAT
MOVENTO 60Kg 650mm 766H6500S
£31.46 ex VAT
MOVENTO 60Kg 700mm 766H7000S
£34.05 ex VAT
MOVENTO 60Kg 750mm 766H7500S
£36.64 ex VAT
Locking Device Set T51.7601
£2.54 ex VAT
Depth Adjustment Set 298.7601
£3.16 ex VAT
MOVENTO Side Stabilisation Set ZS7M750MU
£17.93 ex VAT
Pull-Out Shelf Lock for MOVENTO 295H5700
£8.55 ex VAT
Total: £0.00 ex VAT

MOVENTO offers synchronised smooth running action, 4-dimensional front adjustment, and a dynamic carrying capacity of 40KG and 60KG with high stability and excellent sag values.

Smooth running action – for MOVENTO with synchronisation – for wooden pull-outs and drawers. Our runner systems can be used in all areas of the house. They also add value to furniture through extreme ease-of-use.

  • BLUMOTION – silent and effortless closing action
  • SERVO-DRIVE – electric opening support, combined with BLUMOTION
  • TIP-ON BLUMOTION – mechanical opening support, combined with BLUMOTION
  • Comprehensive programme for many options
  • High stability and excellent sag values
  • Quality for the lifetime of the furniture

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Assembly instructions for the MOVENTO runners.

NEW RANGE... Great Quality Workwear

NEW RANGE... Great Quality Workwear