Magnetic Contactless Door Latch (100KG Door) - White

£32.80 ex VAT
Product Code: BMC10100WH
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Door Weight: 100KG Max

Guarantee: 25 Years

The magnetic contactless door latch is a ‘state-of-the-art’ ‘Flush' latch.  The magnetic, contactless door latch is designed to hold interior doors shut without the necessity for a lever handle or protruding latch, being the perfect solution for flush or minimalistic design doors.  Also an ideal solution for use in care facilities as an 'Anti-ligature' Latch where lever handles and standard latches are considered ligature points.

Silent operation:
The latch has no moving parts which enables the door to be opened and closed in complete silence.
This latch is particularly suitable for doors where high-end aesthetics with minimalistic designs or a simple operation is a must.   Sample locations include doors in retail changing rooms, bathrooms, steam rooms, sauna’s, your own home, wardrobes, sliding doors & anywhere else that would benefit from a non protruding latch, such as hospitals or residential care homes.  
This latch is suitable for installation on any timber door and frame. The latch can be installed either vertically or horizontally. In both instances this should be as far away from the hinged edge as possible.


  • Zero maintenance because there are no moving parts to wear out
  • Door can be opened and closed without a lever handle
  • Doors are simple to open and close
  • Ideal for doors to walk-in closets or storerooms
  • Perfect for keeping pivoting doors in their closed position
  • Perfect for use with Flush Pull Handles
  • Suitable for installation with double action spring hinges
  • Can be used in some applications to hold doors open back against a wall.
  • Can be painted or over veneered so it is totally out of sight.

Concealed Door Straighteners

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