Lift-Assist Damper for Counter Flaps

From £40.50 ex VAT
Product Code: CFD
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Lift Assist Damper for Counter Flaps - Light (81.6-107.1 CFDL
£40.50 ex VAT
Lift Assist Damper for Counter Flaps - Medium (107.1-137.7 CFDM
£45.42 ex VAT
Lift Assist Damper for Counter Flaps - Heavy (137.7-163.2 CFDH
£44.95 ex VAT
Total: £0.00 ex VAT


  • Ideal for counter flaps at bars, restaurants, and receptions.
  • Smooth and soft close movement at the end, preventing flaps from slamming shut. Damper works even at a slight opening angle.
  • Lift-assist mechanism with light opening.
  • Can be installed to existing counters without additional processing.
  • Installation position can be easily determined with the supplied template.
  • Slim arm unit does not disturb the doorway. Projection is only 35mm when opened.
  • 2 pairs use possible. Torque becomes double. 3 pairs or more not allowed.

Parts Included

  • Binding head tapping screw 4


  • Door moment must be calculated prior to ordering this item, use the following formular to do this:

    Door Weight (KG) x 9.80665 x distance from rotation centre to door centre of gravity.


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