HAWA Folding Concepta 25 (To Suit 1851 - 2600mm High Doors) - Right Hand

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Flush when closed, completely open.
Hardware for bi-folding cabinet pocket doors up to 25 kg (55 lbs.) per door.


Flush cabinet fronts open fully end to end with HAWA-Folding Concepta 25. Two wood doors can be folded and pushed into the side of the cabinet body or wall recess. This folding/slide-in hardware
is flexibly adaptable to construction and design. Room-high designs and walk-in cabinets are easy and efficient to implement. Even practical work recesses, from kitchen worktop to ceiling, disappear behind the folding doors. Uniform front designs for a cabinet or kitchen front are also possible, including combinations with HAWA-Concepta 25/30/40/50 or with pivot doors, thanks to door gaps of
2–5 mm ( 3/32"– 7/32 "). 

The well-thought-out concept provides for two basic installation solutions. On the one hand, the base profile allows for simple cabinet designs for overlaying cabinet fronts; on the other hand, the cabinet base can be omitted to allow for ideal, flexible room use with uninterrupted flooring.  Convenience, cleverness and quality: these three terms clearly belong to the HAWA-Folding Concepta 25. Doors are opened and closed conveniently with one hand, the magnetic centring elements cleverly hold the doors in position, and the second door of the folding package cannot sag even under intensive use thanks to a positively driven trolley.

Its advantages are obvious wherever variable room utilisation and unobstructed access should leave a tidy impression, for instance in the home office in the bedroom, the kitchen in the living room, or the utility area in the bathroom.


  • Max. door weight: 25 kg (55 lbs.) [per pair of panels 50 kg (110 lbs.)]
  • Door width: 300–700 mm (11 13/16"–2'3 9/ 16 ")
  • Door height: 1250–2600 mm (4'1 7/32"–8'6 3/8 ")
  • Door thickness: 19–28 mm (3/4"–1 1/8 ")
  • Opened: free access to the entire cabinet front
  • Closed: flush with the adjacent areas
  • Two pairs of folding doors enable cabinet fronts up to 2800 mm (9'2 1/4") in width to be stored in the cabinet depth
  • The folding door pair can be pushed in fully flush with the external side
  • Low slide-in loss of 73 mm (2 7/8") in the cabinet depth
  • Continuous gap pattern and uniform front designs, also in combination with HAWA-Concepta 25/30/40/50 and pivot doors
  • Room-high designs without a cabinet base allow for recess enclosures and walk-in cabinets with uninterrupted flooring
  • Cabinet designs from worktop to ceiling are possible
  • All adjustments are made from the front
  • Integrated cabinet body and side connectors simplify the installation of cabinets with overlaying fronts
  • Unique scissor technology prevents any jamming when folding and sliding
  • The lock catch from Hawa and the espagnolette lock TERZA 3017 from Heusser make cabinet fronts lockable
  • Certified LGA

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