Adjustable Door Straightener - Surface Mount/Fully Recessed

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Product Code: ADS03000
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Adjustable Door Straightener 1500mm - Cuttable ADS06150
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Adjustable Door Straightener 1900mm - Cuttable ADS06190
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Adjustable Door Straightener 2300mm - Cuttable ADS06230
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Adjustable Door Straightener 2610mm - Cuttable ADS06261
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Door Adjusters are needed to avoid bending on both sliding and swinging doors. Until now these have only been available in a semi-recessed option, which brings the general appearance of your furniture down - something that all premium joinery must avoid! This allows you to fully conceal the straightener bar by morticing it into the door, covering it with a cap then veneering over it to give a seamless finish. All adjustments are done from either the top or bottom of the door via an Allen key.

Fixed length door straightener for challenging applications. This is the strongest straightener we supply.

This is very flexible as it has three mounting positions; Fully recessed for high end applications, semi-recessed allowing morticing into the door with no cover, or surface mounted.

The strength of the door adjuster is always indicated on the side of the data sheet but it depends on the thickness and the material of the door. A trail application is always recommended.

**NEW** adjustable length version now launched.  This allows for up to 420mm reduction in total length. 

Download technical & installation instructions here.

NEW RANGE... Great Quality Workwear

NEW RANGE... Great Quality Workwear