12V LED Rigid Strip Lights

From £12.17 ex VAT
Product Code: LRS40000WH
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Cool White - 84mm (0.6W, 3 LEDs) LRS40084WH
£12.17 ex VAT
Cool White - 250mm (1.8W, 24 LEDs) LRS40250WH
£24.08 ex VAT
Total: £0.00 ex VAT
  • 12V
  • Linkable LED Striplight Fully enclosed in
  • Rigid Plastic Casing
  • 9mm wide x 9mm deep
  • Strips can be butted/joined together
  • Aluminium backed
  • Requires 12V Driver and input lead supplied separately

Concealed Door Straighteners

Fully conceal the straightener bar by morticing it into the door, cover it with a cap then veneer over it to give a seemless finish.