Ironmongery Scheduling

Definitive Ironmongery Schedules

At SWS we offer a fantastic, Ironmongery Scheduling service. For both professional architects and builders alike, our ironmongery scheduling service gives a comprehensive specification for the ironmongery requirements on your project..

With the ability to provide and prepare a fully comprehensive ironmongery specification and quotation from floor plans and a door schedule, our ironmongery scheduling service will make your project run smoothly..

From the earliest stages, our ironmongery scheduling service is created alongside the architect or client. We will visit your office, if required, to identify any potential problems that you may experience on site, and work to come up with a creative solution.

Working to the very latest British and European Standards, we ensure that all of the products recommended in our ironmongery schedules are fit for intended purpose and carry out the function required.

Once the ironmongery schedule is approved, we'll take your order and the ironmongery can then be delivered to your site in clearly labelled door pack sets - our ironmongery schedules leave nothing to chance.

Find out more about our ironmongery schedules by calling our team on 01626 333900.

Doorset Packages

From the schedule and specification, we will assemble the products into ‘Doorset’ packages which will be supplied to site, clearly labelled containing all that’s required for each individual door. This FREE OF CHARGE service speeds up installation, and helps to reduce the risk of theft. This helps ensure completion of your project on time and on budget, and reflects the quality of service you provide for your valued clients.