Environmental Policy


SWS are an environmentally conscious and responsible company. We apply an environmental management system that has been assessed and accredited as conforming to ISO 14001:2004.

We ensure that we meet our legal requirements in respect of environmental protection, and that all aspects of our business activities have the least harmful effect on the environment. We recognize a responsibility to conduct our operations in ways that help to increase energy efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint and minimize waste as an integral part of good business practice.

We have a commitment to:

  • Source and use environmentally and socially responsible materials
  • Seek continual improvement in sustainability performance in line with ISO14001 and British standards on sustainability management.
  • Pursuing a target of zero waste to landfill
  • Re-using and recycling materials wherever possible
  • Ensure the rapid and efficient removal of waste
  • Segregating recyclables at source
  • Applying equipment and products designed to increase the sustainability of cleaning and janitorial operations, minimise the use of chemicals and reduce the carbon footprint
  • Minimizing the use of paper and card in office administration and applying electronic media so as to print only when necessary
  • Long-distance collaboration through document sharing technology
  • Using our vehicle fleet in an efficient manner by logistic planning of delivery movements to minimise the traffic impacts of our operations
  • Monitoring fuel consumption and maintaining the vehicles and machinery we use in order to comply with emissions regulations and achieve optimum efficiency
  • Consistent use of energy-efficient lighting and equipment, for example using electrical products that have power saving features
  • Above all, we actively encourage our customer to carry out their cleaning tasks in the most efficient way balancing maximised efficiencies and minimised environmental impact. Dosing training and charts are supplied to customers and product training is given to users to ensure that our customers are using their resources in the most effective way.

We continuously monitor operations to ensure the company is complying with environmental legislation. We communicate our environmental ‘re-use, repair, recycle’ approach to all employees as part of induction and refresher training, as well as to external suppliers and contractors and seek to ensure that major suppliers are aware of our sustainability policy and apply appropriate environmental standards.