26 Albemarle Street, Mayfair

SWS were thrilled to work in Albemarle St W1 again ! Number 26 was a high end specification to realise the client’s vision, but every project is unique – and for this one the brief was in bright polished brass throughout. A comprehensive ironmongery schedule was set out by SWS using items from the Dorë Prestige range.

The entrance doors into the dining area were truly bespoke and were a good example of the need to coordinate the joinery and the ironmongery together. These doors were hold open in electro magnets, single action floor springs to conceal the hinges and to take the weight of these 60min fire / acoustic doors.

Curved pocket doors for the w.c doors were another unique feature to this special project.

Brookfield Farm, Sidmouth

Brookfield Farm, Sidmouth

Brookfield Farm, Sidmouth.  This must be a unique world class facility to provide dictated veterinary care and the latest in operating theatre facilities for sick, rescued donkeys.